Here at Enactus Edinburgh we have a variety of projects working tackling different social issues in different communities but as a organisation we are committed to having a common purpose and shared values.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower students and communities to collaboratively engage in entrepreneurial action to create sustainable impact.


Our Values



Internal and external collaboration promotes innovation, creativity, and diversity in our society. We engage in collaboration to push ourselves forward and maintain transparency throughout our actions.


We define passion as authenticity, initiative, integrity, drive and commitment. We are a group of individuals motivated by our passion to generate positive change. 

Social Awareness

We strive to be a society characterized by inclusivity and social responsibility. In our actions, we constantly endeavour to gain more understanding of the individuals and communities with which we work.   


We are guided by sustainability both internally, with regard to our team organisation and externally with regard to social, economic and environmental impact we have. 


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