Our Team

Our team is made up of 80 dedicated members who work together to create and see through sustainable and ethical projects which change people's lives and give them the experience they need to build a successful career.


The Committee


Meghan Ingram


Mathias Jacobsen

Vice-President Organisational Development & Management

Bakani Dube

Vice President Project Development

Ann Naserian


Mhairi Cochrane

Internal Relations Executive

Georgie Lane

Corporate Relations Executive

Kirsty Iona Fraser

Co-Director of Slurp

Amanda Scully

Co-Director of Slurp

Kayla Fumi

Co-Director of Edinburgh Candle Company

India Ford

Co-Director of Edinburgh Candle Company

Amy Goodman

Director of Sanitree

Dina Elinson

Director of Harvest

Martine O. Irakoze

Co-Director of Linda

Prudence Hainga

Co-Director of Linda

If you would like to be part of the committee in the future, please contact the current president or corporate relations executive.

Linn Lagerholm

Co-Director of Palma Soap

Nathan Beresforde

Honoured Enactus Edinburgh alumnus

Stephen Narh

Our longtime mentor, Business Advisor (Unilever) and Enactus UK alumnus

Diana Flemming

Enactus UK programme Improvement Manager

Lorna Baird

University Advisor (Edinburgh Innovations)

Dan Doyle

University Advisor (EUSA)

Moh Al-Haifi

Business Advisor - Colours of Edinburgh and FutureX


Our Support

We work together with Enactus alumni, business advisors from our sponsor companies and University of Edinburgh support staff who help us constantly improve our projects. Our Advisors meet regularly with the project leaders to guide the project development and deliver occasional presentations and training sessions for all of our members.

We are very thankful for the brilliant advice we receive from the following mentors.

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