Enactus, Entrepreneurs & End of Exams!

The end is nigh! It's been an intense last few weeks for many of you but exams are finally coming to a stop. We've got all the confidence in the world in you lot and hope you are pleasantly surprised with your results when they are revealed. Something to keep an eye out in the days leading up to Christmas is our new campaign, #12daysofYoungEntrepreneurs. The aim of these posts is to raise awareness of the many achievements that young people have claimed for themselves and to show that age should never limit your abilities; these entrepreneurs, many of them concerned with social enterprises, started their businesses at our age and are going from strength to strength! We urge you to have a look at these posts on our Facebook and Instagram to stimulate your inspiration for the next semester of Enactus Edinburgh. Look below for our most recent young entrepreneur, Milena Bottero. But for now, take a breather, relax...and worry about all the Christmas presents you've left until the last minute and the awkward family gatherings you'll have to attend over the holidays 😛

A highlight from our Facebook page:

Much love, the Enactus Edinburgh Team