Will you be our Valentine?

Sunday Team Update

We hope you are having some great celebrations plans for Valentine's day this Tuesday. However, if you still don't have any ideas, don't bother trying any speed dating, instead come to the team meeting on Monday for speed consulting with Roger Moors from Sustainable Innovation Scotland. Following the team meeting, we are hosting him for a talk about social investment, which will be a great opportunity to learn more about how charities and social enterprises find funding to tackle social issues. Another very anticipated event is our DevLab Hackathon on the 3-5th March. Teams of 4 will be working together for 48 hour to find a solution/prototype to address sustainable development goals. This will be a great chance for students to benefit from mentorship with experienced professors and of course prizes will include the opportunity for the winners to implement their products with our funding and support. Free meals will be provided throughout the whole weekend, so hurry up and get your ticket soon. Finally, another very important event needs to be marked in all our calendars. The Regional round (7th March) of the Enactus UK National Competition is steadily approaching. This means that not only will we be working harder before facing our biggest challenge of the year, but we are also looking for people to present our progress over the past year. If you're keen to improve your public speaking or you would like to find out more about the Competition, please contact your team leader or a committee member. Auditions will be held next week to choose the best seven for the job. Good luck!

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Much love, the Enactus Edinburgh Team