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Sunday Team Update

Has your week been full of INNOVATION and LEARNING? ....No? Well, good news for you, because we have a WHOLE WEEKEND jam-packed with innovation and learning to help you make up for it! That's right, it's the one and only DEVLAB HACKATHON taking place this March 3rd-5th. Your dirty weekend away will include: - 7 free meals (need I say more?) - amazing prizes which include funding and support from Enactus Edinburgh to implement your product - workshops from the likes of WaterAid and Lloyds Bank to teach you much sought-after industry skills - networking with industry representatives - mentorship with experienced professors This is a wonderful opportunity to flex your muscles and show us what you can do while reaping the benefits of such an exclusive event. And speaking of exclusive events... This year's Enactus Regional competition is rapidly encroaching on our doorstep as we speak. The prep for 7th March is ON as we have already chosen the special few who will present our work during the big day. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we get ready to show the UK how Edinburgh works it.

A highlight from our Facebook page:

Much love, the Enactus Edinburgh Team