Hacking our way into Regionals

March 5, 2017


Firstly, we would like to thank you so much for all the efforts you have put so far into Enactus. We are massively grateful for it and we would not be here without you. Here are some news we wanted to share with you. 

We had a successful first few days of our Hackathon weekend. We had the opportunity to hear great speakers, one of which was Philip McMaster, the Co-Director, China of the World Sustainability Organization. Currently, four teams are working on solutions to two sustainable development issues: water sanitation and food scarce. Each team was a given a case study where they have to pick out the key areas to target. We are looking forward to hear their presentations in the next few hours! 

What is happening next week?

On the Tuesday, we will be heading to Glasgow for the Regional Round of the annual Enactus UK Competition. Our team is going full force to present in front of a panel of judges what we have achieved so far this academic year. Let's all wish them the best of luck! 

While our team is working on their presentation for Tuesday and the rest of us are probably deep into course work, remember that the semester is not over yet - we still need to bring our A-game until we smash the Nationals!


A highlight from our Facebook page:

Much love,
the Enactus Edinburgh Team

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