Celebrating More Than Just Easter

Sunday Team Update

Easter is a wonderful time to take a break from work and enjoy the festivities. Are you all about the egg hunt, are you looking forward to some serious chocolate or maybe you just want to spend time with family and friends? The Enactus Team would like to wish you all a happy Easter filled with joy and Easter eggs!

If you were following our Facebook page and our Twitter, it will be no surprise to you that we made it to the Final round of the Enactus UK Nationals 2017. We are so proud to be one of the top 5 teams second time in a row. It was an unforgettable trip! Our team has come so far with hours of practice, miles walked on heels and tweets and stories shared with other Enactus teams.

This is a massive thank you to our delegation who came to London, to all our society members who have dedicated their time and commitment to their projects and lastly we would like to thank our university advisers and our Enactus mentors who have supported us throughout the whole year. We would not have made it this far without any of you. We are inspired and motivated to create an even more sustainable social enterprises that will empower more lives. Thank you all!

Much love, the Enactus Edinburgh Team