Enactus Year in Rewind

Sunday Team Update

It's happened. Exam time has come upon us. HARD. Being a student puts you in a unique position of REALLY experiencing the bittersweet nature of the passage of time; both the ally and the enemy, the savior and the destroyer, the difference between 'I'm gonna fail this exam' and 'Eh, you know what, think I might just scrape a 2:1'. We ask you to join us in reminiscing with us. Procrastinate and take a trip down memory lane...

We have had so many fantastic events run through the year, put on by our dedicated committee team. A range of experienced and professional speakers took time out of their schedules to pay us information-packed visits. We had a friendly visit from John Honey of the esteemed Buchanan Institute, to talk about partnerships and the power of collaboration to create change and bigger impact. Rebecca Bonnington, an incredibly experienced business coach, graced us with her presence to give the inspirational talk on 'How to be a Success in Business'. Following this, big wig Roger Moors gave us 'An Introduction to Social Business and Social Investment' using his wealth of experience as Chief Development Officer at Social Investment Scotland.

Wanting the BEST for our members, we made sure Enactus Edinburgh was involved in events that really refined our skills and knowledge. Both the Enactus UK Summer Team Leader Training and the raucous Grantham Training Weekend involved getting up close and personal with industry professionals, improving our depth of knowledge and perhaps a little booze (Work hard, play hard, right?)

Not that long ago the team here at Enactus Edinburgh created University of Edinburgh's first sustainable development hackathon aiming to tackle a United Nations Sustainable Development goal in just 48 hours. The DevLab Hackathon was a success with congratulations due to the winners, HydroHut, helping to tackle famine and land-grabbing in Ethiopia.

Eventually, we came to the two biggest events of the Enactus Edinburgh Calendar - the Regional and National rounds of the Enactus UK National Competition. After smashing the Regional Round we suited and booted up to head to LONDON! We came in 3RD PLACE, with many judges, speakers, and fellow Enactus teams vocal about their admiration for our projects.

A huge well done to the presentation team, Arvin Amiry for his leadership and Georgi Popov for the dedication and commitment he put towards the incredibly polished slides. WHEW! What a year, right? ....Ready to do it all again though, yeah? With our attention towards the Enactus World Cup in September, we'll be using this only as motivation to do better next year!


A BIG THANK YOU for the time, effort, dedication, commitment, blood, sweat, and tears our team members have put into the whole year!


As we now focus on our Summer Action Plan, stay tuned for more Enactus action in September!

Much love, the Enactus Edinburgh Team

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