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Humans of Enactus - Anja Anderson

You know how some stalls have "best sandwich in Edinburgh", how do they know they are the best, unless they have tried every sandwich? I think I make a pretty great sandwich.' 🍔

Currently in her 4th year of Reproductive Biology, Anja Anderson is a new member of Enactus. She is involved in the development of one of our new business projects. When she's not working in the library or making crazy sandwiches, you can always find her at Hula Juice Cafe, sipping a Turmeric Latte. Watch out though, Anja also loves a good boxing class. Get on the bad side of her and you'll only be receiving a knuckle sandwich 👊💥

#HumansOfEnactus is a side project that paints intimate portraits of the weird and wonderful people in the Enactus Edinburgh scene. Inspired by Humans Of New York.

#HumansOfEnactus #teammember