Training Our Way to Success

Sunday Team Update

October is already over and with it we’ve had to say farewell to Halloween (and sweet sweet sunlight). On the bright side, Edinburgh is now filled with beautiful lights, festivities and fireworks tonight! We hope you a have had a great Guy Fawkes Day. This weekend, 7 of our members headed to Grantham for three days of official Enactus training. Together with 350 other students from across the UK, we participated in various workshops, made important contacts and had tons of fun in the process. Our projects are growing stronger and the teams are working even harder. Therefore, we have decided to give recognition to the members whose sparks have really wowed us. Starting this Monday, we will be selecting a “Member of the month” from the team. This is someone we believe has shown great dedication to their project.

On a different note, here's a highlight from our Facebook page:

Keep Shining, the Enactus Edinburgh Team