Humans of Enactus - Grace van der Velde

'What is your most embarrassing moment?' 'This one time, I went to the gym. The pool, the sauna, everything was great until the end when I was leaving. I was busy on my phone and wasn't paying attention to where I was going... and accidentally walked into the male changing room. I just stood there for like 2-3 minutes until I realized where I actually was.'


Well you'd think after nearly 4 years of studying Geography, Grace van der Velde would at least be able to locate the female changing rooms, eh? Grace is involved in the beneficiary side of theEdinburgh Candle Company, a social enterprise that empowers unemployed women through the making and selling of soy wax candles. But apart from Enactus, Grace really wants to do more travelling. Last year, she went to Tanzania with EGP to help build dairy farms but she also dreams of going to South America where her distant relatives live. Grace may have a tendency of walking into the wrong rooms, but we can safely say she definitely did not make a mistake when she came to Enactus. Keep up the great work, girl!


#HumansOfEnactus is a side project that paints intimate portraits of the weird and wonderful people in the Enactus Edinburgh scene. Inspired by Humans Of New York.

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