Humans of Enactus - Ellie Patey

'If you could go back in time, what would you change?'

'I wouldn't have bought my gym membership in my first year, I didn't go there enough to make it worth the money!'


Ellie is our new project leader at Enactus Edinburgh. Currently, in her 3rd year studying English Literature, she is involved in the Fog catcher, a social enterprise which provides access to clean water in developing countries using a 'fog catching' system. But other than her passion to help people, she sees herself moving to Canada where she wants to work and travel around the American continent. She was inspired by the stories of her grandparents who went exploring on a road trip from Canada to Mexico. When Ellie is not chasing the Canadian dream, she loves cooking and going to drag shows. So, while you might not see her at the gym, you can spot her sometimes at The Rabbit Hole, in lots of glitter and no gym gear in sight!


#HumansOfEnactus is a side project that paints intimate portraits of the weird and wonderful people in the Enactus Edinburgh scene. Inspired by Humans Of New York.

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