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Pre-exam season: interactive events and handmade festive hampers

At this point in the semester, you are probably surviving on a questionable amount of sleep and enormous quantities of caffeine.

Congratulations on making it through 10 weeks of lectures, assignments, essays and Enactus projects! But keep going for another 4 until the well deserved Christmas break! 🔥

For the Christmas season two of our projects are collaborating for a seasonal special. The Edinburgh Candle Company and Palma Soap will offer a hamper with a new range of Christmas edition candles and locally handmade soap. We are so excited about this and we will let you know when the hampers become available!

In the meanwhile, before the exam-panic hits, we have organised two events coming up very soon:

We teamed up with University of Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Society to help the local non-profit SHRUB transition to a social enterprise - a hands-on business development session with FREE snacks for all your entrepreneurial needs 🍕

We invited Carol Wisley from Lloyds Banking Group to speak about and lead a workshop on how best to apply corporate techniques and practices to the (social) business context - an event bound to improve your creative thinking skills 👁️

We played our part in spicing up your pre-exam season by organising interactive events. Now we got to go back to studying (and holiday planning).

Successful exam preparation and until the next one!

Much love, the Enactus Edinburgh Team