Humans of Enactus - Sarah Aron

‘What did you hate about your job as a receptionist for a children’s gymnastics centre?’ ‘Kids are just awful, they’re so mean. One time this girl came up to me, she was like 7, it was after I had gone out the night before and I did look a bit rough, and she said, ‘You must be really bad at makeup because you have it everywhere’. I was like ‘God, you’re like 7!’. And then once she had a bruise on her leg and I asked if it hurt and she said, ‘Yeah, but it doesn't hurt as bad as waking up with your face every day’. So savage.’


Sarah Aron is a lot of things; student, ex-barista, avid cook. But now you can also add 'Burns Unit patient' in there after being on the receiving end of such a roast. Sarah is in her 2nd year of her International Relations degree which has maybe been what instilled such strong diplomacy skills she has evidently used in her work life. She is the Project Coordinator of Palma Soap for Malawi, with plans to go over there to help implement the project next year. Sarah has already been involved with Palma for a year, and chose it because she believes it’s an easy solution to the big problem of malaria and lack of education. She was also part of the Enactus Edinburgh presentation team earlier this year and went to the Enactus UK National competition in London to speak about the impact our projects have had in front of hundreds of people. Although she credits this experience as being incredibly key to her self-growth, she does say it was a lot of pressure and there were many obstacles involved! Speaking of obstacles, did you know Sarah’s cousin in Panama is a reality TV star famed for winning a gruelling obstacle game show? Successfully jumping through hoops seems to run in the family!


#HumansOfEnactus is a side project that paints intimate portraits of the weird and wonderful people in the Enactus Edinburgh scene. Inspired by Humans Of New York.

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