Humans of Enactus - Brian Tinashe

‘What would you like people to know about you that they might not already know?’

‘I use comedy or humour to express my experiences and thoughts, and people just think Brian is a funny guy, says funny things, and people don’t realise I’m portraying my life experiences in a humorous way rather than just telling jokes.’


So, Brian’s a funny guy. But he’s a SERIOUSLY funny guy, got it? This boy has got humour AND substance, and an appetite for doing big things. He is a 2nd year studying Electrical Engineering and has the ambition to go back to Zimbabwe, his home country, to help improve the country's transport infrastructure. His hobby of reading non-fiction books, such as ‘101 Ways to Make Money in Africa’ by John-Paul Iwuoha and Harnet Bokrezion, feeds into and fuels this ambition. Brian joined Enactus Edinburgh in September and is working as part of the design team in Beanbags, a creative agency offering cost-effective design services while investing its profits into our other social enterprises. Brian is a busy, busy boy, however, and is also a General Consultant at FreshSight Edinburgh while also working in the The University of Edinburgh Library as a Student Helper.

Everyone likes a little down time though, even Brian, and he spends it like every other young man in this country by watching football and playing FIFA. If you see Brian in the library, don’t be afraid to say hey and get the ball rolling.


#HumansOfEnactus is a side project that paints intimate portraits of the weird and wonderful people in the Enactus Edinburgh scene. Inspired by Humans Of New York.

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