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DevLab Hackathon

3 March 2017

This event will have students from the University of Edinburgh collaborate to engineer a product addressing an issue set out in the sustainable development goals in the space of 48 hours. Teams of four spend the two days brainstorming a solution, developing a business plan, and producing a prototype. On the last evening they present their work and are judged on its potential impact, economic feasibility, and sustainability.

DevLab offers an immense and invaluable opportunity where students will benefit from mentorship with experienced professors, workshops teaching industry skills, and networking with industry representatives. 

You will be given 7 FREE MEALS during your weekend to fuel your productivity, and AMAZING PRIZES which include the opportunity for the winners to implement their product, with funding and support from Enactus Edinburgh!

Due to the nature of this challenge, STEM students are encouraged to enter, though students of all disciplines are welcome. To register for this event a ticket must be purchased.

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An Introduction to Social Business and Social Investment

13 February 2017

Social Businesses are businesses that are created to tackle a social problem, while maintaining a profitable business operation. But how can the power of business be harnessed to tackle social issues when most charities rely on grants to fund themselves?

Social Investment is an often unheard of aspect of the third sector, involving charities or social enterprises borrowing money to expand their operations. This allows these organisations to access millions in funding, but can also seem counterintuitive - how can a charity or social enterprise make enough money to pay off the loan?

These questions will be answered at our talk, which will be followed by a wine reception.

The talk will be delivered by Roger Moors, Chief Development Officer at Social Investment Scotland.

Roger started his career in banking, but then moved on to develop his own his own social enterprise, before becoming CEO of Social Enterprise East Midlands.

Now Roger works as Chief Development Officer at Social Investment Scotland. Social Investment Scotland is the largest not for profit provider of loan finance to charities and social enterprises in Scotland, investing millions into Scottish charities and social enterprises every year.

"How to be a Success in Business" talk

23 January 2017

We welcome Rebecca Bonnington as she talks on topics such as leadership, communication, team and personal development and networking.

The talk will take place at 7pm and will be followed by a wine reception.

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